Scene background designs for school and drama plays.

Motion graphic scenery backgrounds which is designed to be projected via an overhead projector onto a wall area behind the actors.

In stead of building physical scenery, let us help you design your background scenes as a digital video or image file which can be projected onto the backwall. Save time and effort and only focus on the children getting their lines and acting perfectly choreographed.

Note: Set your projector up to display the full area available. Your projector should have a high lumen output - the higher the output the better it will display in a lit area (low lumen count will not display the image or video vividly). Anything from 2000 lumen will be ideal. You should also ensure that the stage lights do not display onto the background screen/wall as this will also dim the background scenery. The best is to play around with the stage setup until you get to a balance of stage light and projector display properties.

display properties


*Pricing indicated on this page excludes VAT (VAT will be added to final price on submission of invoice) 

static images


R 350.00*/image

Confirm your requirements with regards to scenes and we design the background images accordingly based on your screen resolution requirements. 
Size format: 16:9 = 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high (300dpi) - HD size
Size format: 21:9 = 2100 pixels wide x 900 pixels high (300dpi)
Image files provide as JPG or PNG file format

mpg video


R 650.00*/video

Similar to image design, we also provide motion graphic video which enhances the background scene. The video can be provided as 21:9 or 16:9 MPG files and are 60 second long which can be looped in order to have a seamless running background until the next scene is required. 
Size format: 16:9 = 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high (300dpi) - HD size
Size format: 21:9 = 2100 pixels wide x 900 pixels high (300dpi)
Video files provided as MPG files

PPT slideshow


R 450.00*

We can assist in building a PowerPoint slideshow with up to 20 slides (we use the background pictures and video clips as described above after completion, to be included into the PowerPoint slideshow). We ensure that the slideshow is setup with a template background and slide transition animation included. You can then manipulate the slides as per PowerPoint functionality. This is a quick route if you do not want to struggle to setup the slide sequence and if you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on the computer which is linked to the projector. 

The background scenes are designed for your show, therefor, you will need to identify what screens and look and feel you will require. We can assist you in this regard by providing recommendations, where after the design process can commence. On average, plays usually have approximately 5 -10 scenes for the duration of the play. We design the screens according to your requirements and can provide it as a 21:9 or 16:9 aspect ratio image or video clip.

Once the scenes have been identified, you can confirm your order based on your budget. Most clients have a mix-match approach whereby half of the scenes are static images and the rest are motion graphic video files. You simply place your order via email to and confirm what you need and we bill you accordingly to commence the design process. We work on a 70% deposit to start the design process and upon completion, bill you the balance for payment in order to submit the clips to you. We will showcase the clips / images prior to final invoicing in order for you to confirm correctness. In the event that you require more scenes after the initial order, a normal billing process will be added to the project whereby you will need to pay upfront for those design. We are VAT registered and all billing includes VAT. Once an order has been received, we will invoice you accordingly. The banking details will be reflected on the invoice for EFT processing (no online payments via PayPal, Payfast etc. accepted at this point in time). Once we have received your initial payment, we will commence. If you are paying via a VAT registered company, please provide us your business details and VAT registration number in order to have all your details correctly included as part of the invoice submitted to you.

Once the ordering process has been concluded, we schedule the designs. The delivery time of the designs will be approximately 5 - 10 working days, dependent on feedback and quantity requirements. Upon completion of the design process, we will send you your files via You will receive an email to confirm your download. Once you have downloaded the files, you can use it for your play. Please consult or contact us in the event that the download process was problematic where after we will send the files either to via another email address or via another submission process.

The clips and images are designed and licensed for your school and drama class only and is yours to use for as long as required. (We provide the images at a reduced rate in order to facilitate affordability and to accommodate a licensing key for each client). In the event that you wish to transfer or duplicate the scenes for another school or institution, please contact us to provide them a license for such usage. We provide a duplication / transfer license to another party once we have been contacted and provided the details of the 3rd party. A once-off licensing fee of R 1,000.00 excl. VAT will be charged/invoiced to the new/additional owner of the scenes and the license key number will be reflected on the material provided to them. Every additional duplication licensor request will have to pay the same amount for submission of such license from us. This is to ensure that 1 set of designs are licensed to one client only and all subsequent users of that image/video pack will fall under the initial owner as part of their network. If you wish to manage the duplication of the files yourself and subsequently take full ownership thereof and have full rights to distribute to as many 3rd party users as you wish, please contact us to discuss the costs thereto, where after you can distribute to as many schools as you wish, using your license. On average, the costs for these scenes' and video designs are provided much cheaper than our competitors (1/3 of our competition here and abroad) which helps smaller schools to purchase these scenes at affordable rates and also allow you as the original owner, an opportunity to network the licensing and sales thereof for recuperation of initial outlays. This only applies to the original owner of the images and video clips, no one else.

INITIALLY: Once the scenes have been produced and licensed to you, you, the owner of the scenes, can make money from them. Provide us the details of the new/additional owner, we license the software to them and bill them R 1,000.00 excl. VAT, irrespective of how many of your images/videos are used. This only applies to you as the original owner of the scenes. Our administrative charges are R 500.00 excl. VAT and we will pay the balance of R 500.00 excl. VAT into your account once we have received the new licensors payment and your invoice for the R 500.00 excl. VAT amount.

ADDITIONALLY: An additional parallel route for making money are as follows. We build our library of scenes (saved as your scenes) and in the event that another company, school or institution, outside of your network requires the same image or video file, we contact you to confirm if it can be licensed to them and in such event, pay you 50% on the sales thereof. They will fall in under your network of licensed users for the use of your image/video. If they wish to network your image, no licensing will be permitted outside of your license for them to do so. They can only benefit from their own licensed images/videos for future income generation.

Custom designed, developed & produced for schools and studios. 

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