Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - indexing your site with Google.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO allows your website to be indexed and linked on Google for good search results. Once the website is built, dependant on which platform and format are used, you can either use a plug-in component or a manual upload to Google. The main aim is to ensure that Google sees your website and that your website conforms to the basic rules and practices. Once indexed, the reporting provided via Google allows you to monitor performance to the site as well as analyse content and amend it accordingly. This ensures that the ranking of your site increases and that more people visit your website. In short, it is advisable for all website owners to have their sites optimised.

The process
We analyse the content on your website and study the opposition market to evaluate the correct keywords and phrases to be linked and indexed. Once the initial setup is done, we monitor, analyse and amend and continuously tweak your site for the best possible performance on Google. Please note SEO is not the only requirement for good ranking results (as this is also dependent on traffic to and from your site with various rules and parameters as set by Google)  but it is the start to a much better performance and search ranking result for your website.