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Adobe InDesign setup and layout design which is then saved as a PDF.

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A slightly different approach
Similar to PowerPoint, we setup your presentation in Adobe InDesign and then convert the final copy to a PDF format file. Where the difference comes in is that we customise the template to such a degree that we are not bound by PowerPoint as to where things need to be placed or used. With InDesign, we literally design the presentation as we want to. In short, a much more customisable layout environment. The downside is that you are not able to edit afterwards if you do not have the software we use. We do however provide you with all the master files.

What we require from you and how it works
Firstly; we require the content and images you wish to be represented. We then "minimise" and look at the story flow of information, to explain the context as simple as possible and get the audience to understand the message clearly. This is simply done by a good storyboard setup which is based on the information provided by yourself.