Media Marketing

Marketing of your product and or service on various online platforms.

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Grow your audience market and visitors to your website
Once your site is built and the indexing have been done, you can start looking at marketing your website. There are various platform we use such as Google AdWords (search result advertising), YouTube Ads (TrueView In-Stream, Bumper Ads and Discovery Ads), Facebook (News, Marketplace, Video feeds, Stories, In-Stream, Search results + In-Article), Instagram (Mobile feed, Stories and Explore), Messenger (Inbox and Stories), WhatsApp (Business) and bulk messaging platforms for newsletters etc.

How the process works
Firstly we evaluate the product or sales item/s. We then determine the audience or target market and then consider which platform or combination thereof we want to use to get the best result for the available budget. We then setup the marketing platforms infrastructure, design the first "go-to-market" content and images to be used. Once uploaded, we analyse and evaluate the performance and based on the market response, adapt our strategy, or amend the monthly marketing budget. This is a continuous drive to ensure that you get the best possible return on investment. Luckily, we/you can determine the budget and manage it, there are no hidden pitfalls and we/you have full control of the budget at all stages. Our recommendation is to start smaller and see how the market reacts and then shoot the arrow to the correct target once everything has been evaluated. You will therefore not throw money away but have a good ROI via a structured and good managed online marketing strategy.