Book Layout Design

We provide design services to book writers in the form of cover and inner page design for print purposes.

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The right design for the hard work and time you have put in.
So, your writing is done, and you are happy to get the design for the book finalised. Pass it on to us and let us take care of the layout process.

Cover specifications
For the cover, we will require specifications for the layout which usually comprise of the planned dimensions, an overview paragraph for the back page, the ISBN number, the barcode, a photo of you (your best one of course in high resolution) and page count so that we can determine the spline thickness. We set the cover image in Photoshop and then import it into the InDesign programme. The cover is set up with a CMYK colour set.

The inner pages
For the inner pages we usually work with a fairly large and easy to read font and require the content pre-edited and in electronic form. We will draw up a template look and feel and you sign-off once happy. The artwork is usually set in Adobe InDesign and dependant on the printers you use, we usually set the book up with a 5mm bleed. The inner pages are usually setup in a spot colour such as black.   

Going to print
We can prepare the artwork based on the printer of your liking and their specifications or we can set it up for our printers. Whichever way you decide to use, we will assist you if you are unsure or do not know the print lingo.