Company Profile Design

We provide design services for company profiles for print and online use.

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Your company profile deserves the best
Your profile information is setup in MS Word and you need it to look a bit better than what the standard available templates can provide. This is where we come in and customise the profile design. We usually set it up in Adobe InDesign, but can do this in a Microsoft based programme, if so desired.

What we require from you
Provide us with the following in preperation: your logo, photos to be used, the content in an electronic format (it helps if you already set the basics up  in MS Word) and the relevant tables and graph data in MS Excel. We will then use what you have provided and do our magic. Our final output are usually a PDF document which will be saved as an online version (compressed and small file) and a print version which has all the required printer requirements (large file). 

Going to print
We can prepare the artwork based on the printer of your liking and their specifications or we can set it up for our printers. Whichever way you decide to use, we will assist you if you are unsure or do not know the print lingo.