Bulk Mailers

Reach a large audience with newsletters and notifications.

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Keep your visitors informed
So, you have your SEO sorted, your marketing is running and now you need to keep your clients informed. Once your clients have purchased a product or just registered on your system, you need to keep them informed of new products or services on offer. This service is based on your clients' only (we do not sell or provide client email addresses for marketing purposes). We can make use of various bulk mailing software applications, we can even work on your application if you provide us with the access information and then manage it on your behalf.

How does it work
We register a new account or you provide us with an existing account access. We plan the new campaign and draft a "dummy template" for review and finalisation. On the required submission date, we ensure that the audience list is loaded and ready to be submitted to (remember that we can personalise your messages). Once it has been submitted, you get a report on what happened (who opened your mail, who unsubscribed etc.) All the email addresses we have sent to will then be filtered and those that unsubscribed (as an example) will not be sent to in future again.