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A Design Studio situated in Pretoria. 

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Doing it RIGHT, the FIRST TIME!

• Our values have remained the same since 2000.
• Our motto since day 1 has been to evaluate our client's requirements and then provide a cost effective service solution.
• We have been around the block a few times and have years of experience in the field of design and online services.
• As technologies and requirements change, we adapt and grow to provide up to date solutions.

A short biography
Digital Interactive (DI) was established in mid 2000 by Coenie Groenewald, a graphic artist by trade. Building valuable experience in the corporate arena, DI grew as a formidable contender in the design and software development services industry. DI's main focus is to assist clients at startup and to grow with them as their business' grows. We usually start knowing our clients when they come to us for a basic logo design. From thereon, the follow up processes are websites and software solutions until ultimately, we assist them in marketing their services online. 

Jack of all trades?
Although we would like to be seen as a "one-stop-shop", we cannot manage everything, but we still manage the processes on our clients' behalf. We are not a printing shop as an example, yet we have negotiated with service providers to facilitate our clients' printing at reduced rates - we work with people and companies we trust and have grown to respect over the years. We also outsource services such as voice recordings, video shoots and very technical CAD requirements. But, we still manage it on your behalf to provide you with a one-stop-shop. You can phone and speak to a dedicated representative who will manage and liase everything on your behalf. We cannot be a "jack of all trades", but we can be good at what we love and that is design, being creative, coming up with inventive new ideas and putting it on paper and on screen. We love what we do and we are motivated by results.

Client driven
DI has experience under its belt and understand where technolgy evolved from. This gives us a good grasp of procedures and methodologies. New technology is our "food" and we eveolve with it. The basics however still remain the same: people are business and business are generated by people. You are our most precious asset and we pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients (friends). You can be assured of our best efforts and knowledge experience to guide you through the labyrinth of technical jargon and filter it to the essence of what is important to you and your business.